An episodic dark thriller for Samsung
Gear VR.

“Case 01: The Missing Woodland Girl” is available for free now

The Harbinger Trial

You are Dr. Albert Milgram, a renowned psychologist taking part in an experimental and secretive trial that allows you to visit the tortured minds of the patients in a high-security hospital.

Using the newly developed “Electropsychology Array” headset, you will view their subconscious mind to relive the heinous acts that led to them being locked away. By studying their memories and the evidence gathered by investigators, you will try to unravel the sinister truth about their condition. Then it’s up to you to decide whether they are inherently evil, a victim of circumstance or wrongfully convicted.

The secure hospital
An evidence bag reveals a clue


Each episode will focus on a different case that can be solved by using the headset to navigate through each patient’s memories. By investigating the scene you will uncover clues and solve simple puzzles to reveal the patient’s true intentions.

The patients

Each patient that has been selected for the trial is embroiled in an ongoing criminal investigation that they either can’t, or won’t, speak about. The headset puts you into the subject’s mind so that you can relive the pivotal moment and establish the truth behind their silence.

A wall of news clippings and photographs


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Recently added:

- Fixed, Black screen on S7 Edge

- Controller support

- Improved audio: New PA speaker system created for clearer voice audio in and around the hospital.

A reel to reel tape recorder